About Laura

My son and I hiking at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.

I have worked on archaeology sites from the 1600s through the 1900s, from rural plantations to urban battlefields to an industrial distillery. All history is relevant and important, so I believe in doing the projects that need doing. This means I want to tackle projects that are endangered in need of preservation now. Savannah’s archaeology is threatened. The Georgia Trust’s 2018 Places in Peril includes Savannah’s archaeological sites, and the National Park Service has declared Savannah’s downtown National Historic District threatened.  Please consider signing up for volunteer opportunities or making a donation today.


Savannah Archaeological Alliance Founder Laura Seifert has nearly 20 years of experience in archaeology, museums, and higher education. Seifert has spent her career working on archaeology projects from the Canadian border to the Caribbean, with a focus on public archaeology, museums, and the southeastern United States. Ms. Seifert has worked at diverse museums such as Mount Vernon and St. Mary’s City and taught at the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University for seven years (or two name changes). As an Instructor of Anthropology at the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University, she has developed five new archaeology courses in past seven years. Seifert also co-founded and directed Digging Savannah, Armstrong’s public archaeology program. Digging Savannah projects included smartphone apps for exploring archaeology in Savannah, a lecture series, walking tours, and excavations at the Sorrel-Weed House and Skidaway Island’s Benedictine Monastery and Freedmen School. Ms. Seifert’s full CV is available here.

Recent projects and technical reports:

An Archaeological Investigation of the Waters and Delegal Cemeteries on Skidaway Island, Georgia, 2014

  • Appendix B: artifact catalog (For the Delegal Cemetery)
  • Appendix C: artifact catalog (for the Waters Cemetery)

An Archaeological Investigation of the Benedictine Monastery and Freedmen’s School on Skidaway Island, Georgia, 2015 (Phase 1)

Field crew at the Benedictine Monastery and Freedmen School site (9Ch78)

Benedictine Monastery and Freedmen School Site: Phase 2 Research Design, 2016

Phase II Interim Report Benedictine Monastery and Freedmen School, Skidaway Island, 9Ch78

“A Horror of Farm Work”: Freedmen School Students and Benedictine Monks on Skidaway Island, 9Ch78, Final Report 2018

  • Appendix B: Artifact Catalog for “A Horror of Farm Work”

Excavations in the Carriage House Basement of the Sorrel-Weed House, Spring 2017, by Kelly Westfield

Archaeological Excavations at the Sorrel-Weed House, Savannah, Ga, Final Report, January 2018, by Kelly Westfield

Wineglass base from the Sorrel-Weed Carriage House excavation.