Buried History digital tours

Buried History: Savannah’s African American Legacy is a free digital tour with walking and driving options. Buried History: Savannah’s African American Legacy shares stories of black Savannahians, highlighting their contributions to Savannah’s history, economy, and culture. Buried History will take you to archaeological sites and reveal history that is often forgotten and ignored. Explore publicly available historical sites such as Mother Matilda Beasley’s house, pictured above. Read hidden stories of well known landmarks such as the Whitefield Square cemetery, violence in Wright Square during the 1868 presidential election, and the slave market behind the Customs House. The app also tells stories of persistence and success, such as the Kiah Museum and First Bryan Baptist Church. The tour is available in two digital versions: a walking tour of downtown and a driving tour that takes you beyond downtown.

The tour will be available October 10, 2019. Join us that day for the launch party and community discussion at the Davenport House Museum, 6pm.

for the Buried History Walking Tour click here.

for the Buried History Driving Tour click here.

2 thoughts on “Buried History digital tours”

  1. Hello! I am a teacher in SCCPSS and I received your invitation to the launch party. Is this something my high school students could attend?

    Thank you 🙂


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